Welcome To America! North Carolina Employer’s New MANDATORY Rule Has Immigrants FURIOUS

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  1. mark says:

    In many nations like Spain, for example, immigrants must pass a test showing they can speak Spanish before becoming citizens.

    Would you like to see the same here in the United States?

    The Constitution states that immigrants must learn English but like many other laws the justice dept. turned their heads.

  2. Judy says:

    Yes every American citizen must speak English

  3. LBR says:

    Think how many trees this would save! Where are the “Greenies”? I’ll give you one example… My oFukHoleCare bill contains 9 pages of different languages! Trump and Price need to end this crap! If the illegals that shouldn’t even get these are then let them find someone to translate it. I’m sure the f-ing Dope and Catholic Charites will rush in.

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