Teen Can’t Close Left Eye, Learns It’s Terminal. But He Won’t Let Diagnosis Stop Him From Plan

Kayne Finley is an average 17-year-old. He loves to play sports and video games just like any other kid.

Unlike most other teenagers, Finley has had to go through some incredibly challenging times. His trouble started last year when he lost movement of the left side of his face.

A trip to the doctor left Finley shocked with the news he received. Finley was diagnosed with stage four Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Gliomas.

This form of cancer is inoperable, but that hasn’t stopped Finley from keeping a good attitude. He quickly started radiation treatment, and saw improvements in no time.

“I was thinking a few days ago, when I started radiation treatment, I couldn’t walk up the stairs by myself, or I was going step by step. But now, I’ll try to two-step it or go a little faster, so it’s nice to have that improvement,” said Finley.

The 17-year-old looks forward to graduating high school and going off to college. He will be attending Louisiana State University, and hopes someday to become a veterinarian.

“I’m not going to slack on my studies just because I have a diagnosis,” said Finley. “I’m still going to try and learn and be a good student.”

In the face of great trial, Finley had remained brave and strong. His fight is inspiring to hear.

His dad, Curtis, is so proud of his son. “It’s pride actually to see that he’s continuing to push and wanting to do as much, versus just shutting down,” he said.

Finley’s faith has helped him to remain strong. “I’m not going to stop believing in God, I’m not going to stop the faith and I’m not going to stop the positivity that’s surrounding me and other people,” he said.

In a situation like Finley’s, most would give up and accept their fate. It speaks a lot to his character that he hasn’t given up on his plan for the future.

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