Rand Paul RINGS THE ALARM…..His Idea To Replace ObamaCare Has Barack Sweating Bullets

Senator Rand Paul on Wednesday held a press conference on Capitol Hill regarding the New Bill Repealing and Replacing disastrous ObamaCare. He gave his comments as reporters emphatically pressed him, trying to get him to say that he will vote NO or not even vote at all for the new Republican bill. Watch the video below.

This Week Breitbart and Golden State Times Reported that 2 Million People would be Losing Their Health Coverage in some areas where they were down to one supplier.

Now Rand Paul has an Idea that might satisfy both Conservatives and general supporters of the Repeal and Replace of Obamacare bill.

Senator Rand Paul says that if they are able to Split the bill into two different bills it would appeal to most senators who right now are reluctant to the idea that this bill will be successful in finally repealing the ACA [Affordable Care Act].

Senator Rand Paul has been a Vocal force in pointing out the flaws many Republicans have been making in trying to get rid of this law

Do you agree with Rand Paul? Share this everywhere! We cannot let them pass Obamacare 2.0.

This whole thing was built to help insurance companies.