Cocky Hillary Was So Sure She Would Beat Trump, Look What She Bought

Despite losing to President Donald Trump in an historic defeat, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has refused to fade away and continues to talk about the election, her disappointment and a host of other issues that no one wants to hear about.

Recently, Clinton gave an interview with Jane Pauley for CBS’ “Sunday Morning,” where it was revealed that she was so sure she was going to win in November 2016 that she actually bought a house for her staff.

Yes, you read that correctly. Clinton actually spent $1.16 million on a house right next door to her house in Chappaqua, New York for her staff to use during expected presidential retreats.

When asked by Pauley why she bought the house, Clinton’s answer revealed a lot.

“Well, I know a lot about what it takes to move a president, and I thought I was going to win,” she said as she trailed off.

Key word: thought. Just like having a celebration party in a building with a glass ceiling and ordering fireworksahead of time, Clinton came to really regret assuming she would win.

“The Clintons had acquired the house next door to accommodate White House staff and security during a second Clinton administration,” Pauley explained during the interview.

You can watch the clip here:

Clinton spent so much time assuming she would win, that she never actually campaigned hard enough to win. Instead of trying to connect with the voters and earn their votes, she simply expected everyone would fall in line behind her.

“No. I’m very happy we did it,” replied Clinton when asked by Pauley if the purchase of the house haunted her.

Someone really should perform a sanity check on Clinton. Who in their right mind would be “happy” that they wasted almost $2 million on a house that will now sit empty?

If that is Clinton’s attitude about spending money, that’s just one more reason to be grateful that she isn’t sitting in the Oval Office. Instead, all she does anymore is sit at a table and write a book blaming everyone but herself for her election loss.

Maybe Trump would be willing to buy the house from Clinton. I’m sure he wouldn’t mind using it for his presidential retreats.


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