17-Year-Old Cat’s Owners Die Months Apart, Suffers Horrid Abuse. Then Angel Refuses to Give up on Her

Animals are so loyal, it isn’t even funny. That’s why it is so heartbreaking when an owner passes away, leaving the pet on their own.

That’s exactly what happened to one poor kitty. The cat was astonishingly 17 years old when both of her owners passed away.

Cinnamon was used to her life being filled with treats and rubs. When her owners were suddenly gone, the poor cat’s world was turned upside down.

She was sent to live with relatives, but things quickly turned bad. Cinnamon was tormented and mistreated by her new owners.

Eventually, those owners decided they didn’t want Cinnamon around anymore. She was taken to foster care, where her quality of life quickly improved.

The worst part of Cinnamon’s terrible past was that she no longer trusted humans. “I’d never seen an angrier cat in my life. She was furious, confused and so lonely,” said Valia Orfanidou, a blogger who wrote about Cinnamon’s story.

The cat was rescued by Second Chance Animal Rescue Society (SCARS). Cinnamon was not interested in any human interaction, even after she had been removed from the dangerous environment she had been living in.

Volunteers spent hours with the cat, working to gain her trust. They were ecstatic when one volunteer was able to get close enough to feed Cinnamon.

Ultimately, it ended up being Orfanidou that gained enough of Cinnamon’s trust to be allowed to pet her. “For months I had believed that she was always a grumpy, lonely cat, even as a pet – but she wasn’t,” she said.

In no time, Cinnamon began to love being with people again. She even started to play with toys. It’s amazing to see what a little bit of patience and love can do!

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